Pastor Dr. Michelle Lyston

Pastor Dr. Michelle Lyston (Pastor Michelle) is an Ordained Pastor and serves as the Senior Pastor of Restoration World Outreach Ministries Incorporated (RWOMI) in the United States, Africa and South America, as well as Restoration

Outreach Ministries International (ROMI) in Jamaica. She works with her husband relentlessly in Ministry, and is committed to helping people understand the Word of God for Spiritual Growth and daily Life Applications. She functions as a Teacher of the Word of God with a Prophetic Anointing.

  • has ministered in Churches, Conferences and various functions throughout the Caribbean, the United States, Canada, Colombia and Kenya.
  • is the founding President of RWOMI’s Women’s Ministry – Royalty In Motion, where the focus is edifying and empowering women according to the Word of God to become vessels of honor for Him in all spheres of life!
  • works with her husband in the RWOMI Training Institute and School of the Prophets.
  • along with her husband, Apostle Steve Lyston, have also launched a magazine called – DIRECTION Magazine®, which focuses on the use of Biblical Economics as a solution for businesses. They also host a radio program on Radio WAVS 1170 AM each week.
  • has helped her husband in publishing all his books – which are now on the market – numerous manuals and newsletters. She has also written a book entitled “In His Presence: Maintaining the Presence of God Through Worship
  • has a degree in Marketing and Management, and is well trained in the area of Administration, particularly Church Administration.

She is a Prophetess, who also Preaches and Teaches the Word of God. She is driven by the Word, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” as in Hosea 4: 6 and her greatest joy is in Praising and Worshiping the Lord. She is a Gospel Artist and released her first mini music project – “Lord, I Thank You” with her first single and video – ‘Maximum Recovery’.

She is happily married to Apostle Dr. Steve Lyston, Author and the Apostle RWOMI (USA) and ROMI (Jamaica), and mother of their daughter Hannah.

Apostle Dr. Steve Lyston

Apostle Dr. Steve Lyston (Apostle Steve) is an ordained Apostle Bishop presiding over Restoration World Outreach Ministries Inc (RWOMI) in the USA, Africa and the Caribbean, and of Restoration Outreach Ministries International (ROMI) in Jamaica.

He is President of RWOMI Training Institute & School of the Prophets in the USA, and a Director of the affiliated ROMI Training Institute and School of the prophets in Jamaica.

He attended the United Theological College of the West Indies, and has been a member of his country’s armed forces for over nineteen (19) years. He is also a member the National Chaplains’ Association.

He is ordained with World Harvest Church and Living Faith World Ministries and is a member of the World Harvest Church Ministerial Alliance. He is committed to helping people to know and understand their calling in the Body of Christ. He teaches people about the power of God and trains workers for the Ministry worldwide. Further to this, Apostle Steve also advises Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, VIP’s and Government

He is a Biblical Economics Consultant, motivational speaker and a US NGO Representative, freelance writer and author. He has published 5 books – End-Time Finance; The New Millionaire; Man, Money, Ministry; Prayer Works and his latest release ‘Tactics and Strategies for the Famine’ and has documented critical strategic plans to assist any government in facilitating change.

He, along with his wife, Pastor Michelle, launched a magazine—DIRECTION Magazine® which focuses on the use of Biblical Economics as a solution for businesses. They also host a radio program on Radio WAVS 1170 AM every week.

Apostle Steve is determined to see that unity and accountability returns to the Body of Christ and the power of God manifest among His people that God will get the GLORY!

His mandate is about building the Kingdom through the building up of individuals; help to reduce poverty, bring healing to the abused and helping to bring out the talents of others to bring positive change to communities and nations.

Apostle Steve Lyston is happily married to Pastor Michelle Lyston and has 2 children – Shevado and Hannah.